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FS301K-DSP Remote & Keypad Alarm

  • Two channel remote control operation emulates all features of the FS301 remote alarm system

  • Surface mount, tamper resistant membrane keypad displays system status and identifies sensor troubles

  • Program up to ten code hopping transmitters

  • Six auto-shunting zones

  • Intelligent siren reset - automatically adjusts siren run time due to faulty motion and pre-intrusion sensors

  • Flashes navigational, floods or spreader lights

  • Last alarm memory 

  • Automatic power conserve mode

  • Two programmable delay zones

  • Eight function status LED

  • DSP- Internal sensor processor

The FS301K-DSP merges keypad and remote control operation into one alarm for the ultimate in customer convenience and satisfaction.  The remote control allows boat owners to arm and disarm alarm, enable On-Board-Arming and activate boarding lights, while the on-board keypad provides access for service personnel and system programming. The FS301K can secure any length or style of boat.


The FS301K-DSP operates the same as the FS301K, but has an internal processor that detects movement on a boat’s deck.  When an intruder steps on a secured deck, the FS301K-DSP compares the movement to the boat’s stored deck movement signature and sounds the siren. 


Along with simple installation and absolute reliability, the FS301K-DSP meets or exceeds the standards for quality of many boat manufacturers.  Under the toughest marine conditions, the advanced features and operation of the FS301K-DSP series of alarms provide unmatched performance at affordable prices.



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