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FS201 Remote Alarm

  • Surface mount, tamper resistant membrane

  • Six auto-shunting zones

  • Intelligent siren reset - automatically adjusts siren run time due to faulty motion and pre-intrusion sensors

  • Flashes navigational, floods or spreader lights

  • Last alarm memory

  • Delayed 24 hour emergency zone

  • Specialized motion detector zone

  • Two programmable delay zones

  • Eight function status LED

The model FS201 is armed and disarmed by a weather-resistant programmable keypad whose advanced features will satisfy the security needs of any medium to large size boat. 

The command keypad provides system status and identifies troubled zones.  Service personnel may  enter temporary codes to allow entrance.  The encapsulated membrane keypad surface mounts and is tamper resistant. The FS201 is a proven tough design and up to three command keypads can be added to the system.

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