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System Enhancement Components                           

Command Keypad

The command keypad can be added to all systems or as a second keypad on the FS201 and FS301K for convenient arming
Part # - PK1 (Pre-wired with six feet of wire)

Part# - PK1-20 (Pre-wired with 20 feet of wire)


Remote Control
The RC2 remote control works with the FS301 and FS301K alarm systems. Up to ten code-hopping RC2s can be programmed to any alarm. Part # - RC2

Driver Relay

The FS401 driver relay drives high power loads (up to 20 amps) such as flashing lights, boarding lights and multiple sirens. It can be also be used to disable the boat's ignition system or trigger communicators.
Driver Relay - Part # FS40

Sensor 2-Wire


One hundred feet of two conductor stranded #22 AWG wire for connecting magnetic sensors and other two wire devices.  Part # - SW22/2

Sensor 4-Wire


One hundred feet of four conductor stranded #22 AWG wire for connecting motion detectors and other four wire devices.

Part # - SW22/4

Shielded Sensor 2-Wire One hundred feet of shielded two conductor stranded #22 AWG wire for connecting deck sensors.  Part # - OSW2/2

Power Harness Kit The power harness kit simplifies wiring and provides reliable connections from the alarm to the boat’s battery, siren, strobes and accessories. Kit contents: Two ring connectors, 100 ft of 2 conductor stranded #16 AWG vinyl jacketed power cable. Part # - PHK - (XX ft.)

System Instructions Extra set of System Instructions for all alarms systems.  Part # - INS01

Red Led External red LED for visual status of all alarm systems.  Part # - LED-1S

Warning Decal Red weather-resistant outside warning decal.  Part # - WD1

Smoke/Heat Detector The CST449 monitors for both smoke and high temperature.  Part # - CST449

4 Watt Radio Link Four watt, CB frequency pager.   Part # ALA-400P

Remote Battery

Replacement battery for the RC2 remote control.  Part # - AB-101

Mini Strobe Light


Miniature red strobe light with mounting tabs.  Strobe is water tight, extremely bright and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware.  Part # - SL-12

Voice Dialer


The dialer connects to standard phone lines.  When siren sounds, the voice dialer sends a 32 second voice message and pages the boat owner.  Part # - USP1

Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Activates internal siren and 24-Hour zone of all alarms.  Attractive design with very low power consumption (8 milli-amps).  Part # ES-240CO



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