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 Key Pad Remote

FS301  Remote Alarm @
FS301K  Keypad/Remote Alarm @
Alarm With Built in DSP
FS201-DSP  Key Pad Remote with Dsp @
FS301-DSP  Remote Alarm with Dsp @
FS301K-DSP  Keypad/Remote Alarm with Dsp @
Motion Sensor
MD100  Dual-Tec Cabin Motion Sensor @
OS1C  Photo-Electric Beam @
FS17  17" X 23" Pressure Mat @
TS1  Trailer Vibration Sensor @
MS1  Outboard/Equipment Mercury Switch @
FA1  Deck Strain Sensor @
SS002  Deck Sensor Kit @
ES15  15 Watt Siren Small Siren @
ES20  20 Watt Siren Super Egg @
ES30  30 Watt Siren Large Siren @
Magnetic Sensors
CS1  Canvas Sensor @
MG5  Push Button Sensor @
MG10  Mini Wide Gap Sensor @


 Flush Mount Sensor @
MG20  Engine Hatch Sensor @
FS1005  Instrument Sensor @
PK1  Command Keypad for all alarms @
PK1-20  Command Keypad With 20' Of Cable @
RC2  Extra Two Channel Remote @
SL12  Strobe Light @
CST449  Smoke & Heat Detector @
ES-240CO  Carbon Monoxide Alarm @
LED-K  LED Display Kit @
FS401  Driver Relay @
SW22/2  Sensor Wire @
OSW22/2  Shielded Wire @
TW16  Power Harness @
WD1  Warning Decal @
SI98  System Instructions @
AVD1  Voice Dialer @
900HP  Radio Link- HP @
900LP  Radio Link- LP @
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