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Motion Detectors


Cabin Motion Detector

The MD100 cabin motion detector combines infra-red and micro-wave technology to eliminate false alarms and excessive wiring of cabin windows and doors. Security coverage is a maximum area of 40' X 30'. Power consumption is 25 milli-amps. Dimensions are 4" X 3" X 2" and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and 25 feet of four conductor wire.
Dual-Tec Motion Detector - Part # MD100

Photo Electric Beam



Miniature 3/4” photo eyes can be mounted across decks, bridges, walkways, etc.  When the beam is broken the alarm activates.  Can be used as a pre-entry sensor.  Power consumption is approximately 50 milli-amps.  Processor dimensions are 4” X 2” X 1.5”.  Kit contents: 1 Sensor processor and 2 photo-eyes with mounting plates.

 Part # - OS1C

Pressure Mat


The FS17 pressure mat is weather-resistant and measures 17” X 23” by only .125” thick.  The mat is normally open and comes wired with 3 feet of #18 AWG wire.

Part # - FS17


The TS1 sensor detects movement of a boat while it is stored on a trailer.  TS1 sensors are usually mounted in the bow next to the mooring hook.  Part # - TS1

Mercury Switch


Mercury switch can secure outboards and equipment on boats kept on trailers. 

Part # - MS1

Deck Sensor

FA1 deck sensors work in conjunction with the optional internal Deck Sensor Processor (DSP).  The DSP is available on all Flagship Marine alarms.  FA1 sensors easily mount under a boat’s deck with epoxy and can secure up to five square feet.  One or two FA1 sensors usually provide enough coverage for most boats.   When an intruder steps on the boat’s deck, the FA1 sends data to the DSP activating the alarm.   The miniature FA1 sensor measures 2.5” X .75” X .25”.  Kit comes with epoxy and one deck sensor. 

Part # - FA1

Internal Deck

Sensor Processor







Deck Sensor Processors (DSP), are built-into specific Flagship Marine alarms. The (DSP) monitors up to six FA1 deck sensors.  When an intruder steps on the boat’s protected deck, the DSP compares the deck movement and duration of the footstep to the boat’s stored deck movement signature activating the alarm.  The DSP filters out false alarms caused by temperature or boat movement.  Power consumption is 3 milli-amps and low enough for most moored boats. The following alarm systems come with internal Deck Sensor Processors: FS201-DSP, FS301-DSP and the FS301K-DSP.

Part#- SS002




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